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29th August 2014

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It was lonely on the hill, and cold. And all you could do was keep going. You could scream, cry, and stamp your feet, but apart from making you feel warmer, it wouldn’t do any good. You could say it was unfair, and that was true, but the universe didn’t care because it didn’t know what “fair” meant. That was the big problem about being a witch. It was up to you. It was always up to you.

Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith

i think the witches of discworld might be my favorite modern interpretation of the witch archetype ever

they’re not glamorous or ugly or good or evil or mysterious or sexy or wicked

they’re just people who do the jobs that need doing, when there’s no glory in it, because someone’s got to

they’re the women who are just always there, who clip old men’s toenails and give young girls birth control and play cards with death for a child’s life, not because they’re particularly nice, not because they get credit for it, and not even because they have to—but they chose to be the witch, and so they deal with it. 

i love the idea that magic isn’t really all that important at the end of the day. i love that most of magic is just knowing things other people don’t, and using them, and thinking. i love that witches are powerful, incredibly powerful, and their magic isn’t flashy at all. i love that a witch’s value is not measured by what kind of spells she can perform but by how she responds to a cry for help. i love that wizards think witching is a perfectly lovely career, for a woman, of course, when witches hold the universe together just as much as the wizards do, and cure sheep. 

witches do what needs to be done, because even if it’s not your fault, it’s your responsibility. 

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28th August 2014

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In fairy tales and fantasy, two types of people go in towers: princesses and wizards.

Princesses are placed there against their will or with the intention of ‘keeping them safe.’
This is very different from wizards, who seek out towers to hone their sorcery in solitude.


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28th August 2014


Sand was not meant to end up under one’s eyelid

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28th August 2014

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27th August 2014

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Conceal, don’t feel. Don’t let them know.

"[With Elsa, it] definitely was intentional to show anxiety and depression." - JENNIFER LEE (x)


Like yes, I agree with the major criticisms going around tumblr re: racism and heteronormativity and not enough major female characters YES, they’re all valid points.  I just don’t understand the bloodlust towards Frozen more than, say, Tangled.  These issues aren’t unique to this movie; they’re widespread societal problems and that leaks into our media.  It can still be a good/enjoyable movie.  I see you SJWers enjoying Aladdin at the same time and that shit’s racist as hell.  Just because something has problematic elements doesn’t make it bad.

BUT THIS CHARACTER IS SO FUCKING IMPORTANT.  Because little girls are obsessed with her, they’re latching on to her.  Little girls love Elsa.  And she’s a Disney Princess with major neuroses.  (I know this is Anna’s story but Elsa’s more popular.)  And it shows a main female character with major anxiety and depression issues, and it shows her as a powerful, strong, loving person around those issues, and it shows her as an incredibly positive character. 

A lot of people are saying that the story would’ve been better if Elsa’d been the antagonist, and she was originally intended to be until that changed in development.  And you know what, it’s for the best because she’s a protagonist with mental issues.  It’s easy and common to give those to a villain.  Villains are twisted and they hurt people because they’re not Good People.  Disney Princesses might not be perfect but they’re damn close to it and their faults are charming and cute and not crippling.  Elsa’s issues and her failure to deal with them are crippling.

So many teens and adults have identified with her issues, and seeing them portrayed in a positive and beloved character is so fucking important, because children see that not just scary weirdos have mental issues.  Elsa hurts people because of her issues.  She doesn’t mean to but she hurts her parents and sister and kingdom and strangers, emotionally and physically.  And she’s a Good Guy.  Not only is she a Good Guy, she’s a Disney Princess.  They’re not supposed to hurt people — except oh maybe hurt feelings because they were following their dreams or something saccharine like that.

And she makes a series of bad choices, selfish choices, because she can’t deal with her issues.  Just like real people.  She’s not a bad person because she makes bad choices stemming from her neuroses.  Little kids see someone who’s awesome! with anxiety and depression and they see that she’s more than just her issues, and she’s deserving of love

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26th August 2014

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Sculptures by Jim Skull

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Jim F. Faure, known as Jim Skull, is the creator of these amazing sculptures. If the photos are impressive, imagine seeing them in person. The human skull is full of symbolism. The most common association that comes to mind when we see a skull, is death. But when I look at Jim’s sculptures, I see the skull as the home that contains and protects our thoughts and ideas, which live in the brain.

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26th August 2014

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*tsk* Gotta hate it when you chip a nail.


*tsk* Gotta hate it when you chip a nail.

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26th August 2014

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A Sea of 4.5 Million Baby Blue Eye Flowers in Japan’s Hitachi Seaside Park

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26th August 2014

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(via Four Eyes Comic Strip on GoComics.com)
By Gemma Correll [website | tumblr | blogspot]


(via Four Eyes Comic Strip on GoComics.com)

By Gemma Correll [website | tumblr | blogspot]

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26th August 2014


Somebody accidentally lit Mac n cheese on fire in there microwave

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